EnvBrowser – Environment Variable Browser Mel

When trying to diagnose a broken Maya one of the first things I check is that all the scripts are being loaded from the right places. We have so many custom scripts that if some of the environment variable paths are wrong, or even just in the wrong order then all sort of strangeness can happen. Normally the way to check is to use ‘getenv’ on the different variables, which spits out a single line of text containing lots of different paths which is a real pain to read through.

This little UI tool is just a nice easy way to see the contents of the different variables. The main variables are added by default, you can add more or remove them with the buttons. Selecting one from the list will show its contents below, the full single list in the text box, and seperated out in the scrollField. It seperates simply, just by using the semicolons that split the path up; if you have a variable that uses semicolons for a different purpose then it will go a bit crazy, but I’ve not had that problem yet. If you press edit, you can then alter the contents in the text box line, but this change is only for this instance of Maya.

Any suggestions or feedback, leave a comment!

Download: djb_envbrowser