David Buttress

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Avakin Live – Lead R&D Environment Artist
Celtic Heroes – Senior Technical/Environment Artist
Kinect Sports Rivals
– Senior Contract Artist (Technical UI Art)
EEK! – Solo Game Creator
On The Wind – Solo Game Creator
Kinect Sports: Season 2 – Senior Contract Artist (Environment Art)
Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge DLC – Senior Contract Artist (UI Art)
Kinect Sports – Principal Artist (Technical and UI Art)
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts – Senior Artist (Environment and Technical Art)
Perfect Dark Zero – Artist (Environment Art)
Conker: Live & Reloaded – Artist (Environment Art)


Specialties – Environment Creation, C# development.

Technical Art Skills – C# both for tools creation and in game features, Maya workflow scripting, Shader development.

3D Environment Art – All aspects of environment creation – modelling, texturing, shaders, lighting, effects, physics.

Mel Scripting – General useful scripts, specializing in Maya workflow and UI customization.

User Interface – Actionscript, flash, and scaleform.

Shader Development – Creating custom shader for Unity/iOS (CG), and also next gen (HLSL).

Unity Game Development – C# programming, iOS development.

_all images in this portfolio are from real time engines, either screen grabbed from an xbox devkit, or print-screen’ed directly from the Unreal/Unity Editor viewport. There are no renders, or post processing (except for the watermark)_

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_Celtic Heroes

Senior Technical/Environment Artist

Worked on a wide range of projects within a small team, ranging from environment art, technical art, tool support, and programming.

Notable work includes creating several new levels from scratch, and overhauling existing levels, involving the entire level creation process. Creating new shaders and atmospheric effects. New art tools to improve workflow and support for the other artists, including in game viewers, and b ackend database/external tools. Optimization and bug fixing of game code, specifically resource management and memory use.

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_kinect sports rivals

Senior Contract Artist – Technical UI Art

Working in a range of areas within the UI team, primarily involved in creating UI technology incorporated in 3D environments, but also in other areas where my skills are required. Actionscript work in setting up elements, flash artwork and animation, 3D models, and custom shader development.

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Solo Game Creator

EEK! released for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Created all assets, code, design, music, etc.

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_on the wind

Solo Game Creator

On The Wind released for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Created all assets, code, design, music, etc.

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_kinect sports season 2

Senior Contract Artist – Environment Art, Technical UI Art

Principle artist on the ‘Eagle Falls’ golf environment shown on stage and playable at E3 2011.

Responsible for full development cycle, from initial block out and iteration with Design, through modelling, texturing, lighting, effects, to final polish. Defined many of the technical details and ‘look’ that is used as the benchmark for the rest of the golf course.

Technical UI work for the ‘party mode’ section, including creating the actionscript functionality for the menus, as well as the final artwork and skinning.

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_kinect sports calorie challenge DLC

Senior Contract Artist – Technical UI Art

Produced flash/scaleform assets and actionscript for various new elements for Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge DLC

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_kinect sports

Principle Artist – UI, Technical, Environment Art

Worked on various aspects of the Frontend UI, including modelling and texturing of front end stadium and assets, actionscript for building the flash/scaleform assets and integrating them into game code, supporting other flash artists to ensure their work is acceptable and efficient for the game engine.

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_Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Senior Artist – Environment, Technical Art

Responsible for entire creation process for the Spiral Mountain background.

Starting from the original N64 model, iterating on the design to allow space for vehicle gameplay and adding in the expanded play area. Modeling, textures and shaders for the environment, setting up havok on interactive elements, lighting and atmospherics, and final polish and bugs.

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_Conker: Live & Reloaded

Artist – Environment Art

Responsible for the entire creation process for six backgrounds, and significant input on a further two. Created several weapons and vehicles.

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