I find I have to diagnose problems with Maya fairly often; we’ve got a fairly complex setup environment to allow us to quickly switch projects with a completely different set of tools and scripts, but as it’s complex it inevitably goes wrong. I’ve written a nice little diagnosis script that basically just spits out a load of information about how Maya is setup, which allows me to check alot of different common problems on my own machine, allowing me to disrupt the user a little as possible.

The main part of the script is a diagnosis log output, this queries and then writes a log of different aspects of the Maya environment; ‘whatIs’ commands on various scripts, listings of environment variables, and listings of optionVars. Copies out a log of the script history, when scripts crash they usually output something into the history. Ability to copy various folders from the users machine so the scripts can be thoroughly checked, normally just the scripts directories in My Documents, but any folders could be copied that were important to the team setup. An extra section that will allow an extra script to be run and the results included in the log file.

To use the script you’ll have to alter the default output path to somewhere both you and your team can access, I’ve got it set to a network share. You can also easily alter some of the lists of things that are included in the log, these are all marked in the comments of the script.

Download: diagnosisMaya